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“The thing I’ve been most grateful for while on this humbling path of self-discovery, are the amazing people I’ve met who all seem to share my same passion for life and love for our community. My intention with this blog is to share with you this challenging, yet remarkable season of our lives. To share the ways in which we learn to embrace and celebrate the incredible opportunities and adventures that lay ahead of us… adventures that make growing up here in the Low Country such a unique and desirable place to live. I hope you enjoy!” -Original About Me Article 

“But what I will continue to search for are ways to honor all of my grandparents who came fervently to this same city so many years ago and promise to honor the legacy they left for not only our family, but all of the lives of those they touched.” May looking Back in Memory Help Comfort you Tomorrow 

“At the end of the trip though, I felt satisfied in knowing that I was heading back to an amazing city filled with endless opportunity and unparalleled energy and that when my time is up, I will be welcomed home to a place full of unconditional love and irresistible charm.” -Home is Where the Heart Is 

“Sometimes we convince ourselves that things are too far out of our reach.. that we have exhausted all possibilities and the only option left is to give up. What I learned today, is that we already possess all the tools we need to accomplish even our wildest of dreams … and its about being confident enough in our strengths and intuitive enough to accept our weaknesses  that helps use decide which tools to use.”In Your 20’s every year is like a giant epiphany.

“I admire my parent’s marriage and their ability to have grown together as a team based on trust, love and support over the past 32 years. I could write an entire book about it, but today I want to share what it is that makes my dad such an amazing father. Memories he’s created that are very dear to me and qualities that I can only hope to one day find in a man.” –Father’s Day Blog 

“So I chose to ignore the skepticism and moved here [NYC] with the hope and the faith and the belief  that if I can find a way to communicate with people the importance of respecting ourselves and respecting the relationships we have with others we can change the decline of civility we see in todays society and create an environment valued for it’s integrity and character.” Find Your Dream. Then Risk Everything for It.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is crazy random, but I was looking for some great camping spots in charleston and came across glamping and your page. I enjoyed reading your aspirations and journey and has kept me going living the dream.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. Dewees is actually a private island, but right across is a great place to set up camp called Capers Island. If you have a boat you can pull it right up to the beach (just be careful about the tides) and if not you can get one of the guys from the Isle of Palms marina to drop you off and pick you back up whenever you would like. Hope you have a great time!

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